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Learn About 18 FREE Tools to Level-Up Your Human Skills.

Thursday, February 17, 2022 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Are Your Academic Mindset and Skills Enough? Learn About 18 FREE Tools to Level-Up Your Human Skills.
The Great Resignation is Real. Like never before, top talent is migrating away from poor team cultures and bad leaders to find better work environments. Based on your current team culture, will your team stay, or will they go? If they go, are you ready to spend all of the effort, money and time to replace them (about 2 times their annual salary)? Let's talk about how to keep them on your team, reducing turnover and increasing their performance.
In this highly engaging and interactive presentation, you'll learn top tools in the learning and development industry to put into immediate use with your virtual, hybrid or in-person team. By developing your human skills beyond the tactile business analyst skills, you'll ensure that top talent, key players on your team stay. Plus, it'll catapult you professionally into a whole new level of high performing teams and primed for climbing the career ladder yourself. Academic mindset isn't enough when business is made up of humans
Walk away from this talk with:

  • 5 virtual/online team tools
  • 5 team engagement tools
  • 5 team growth tools
  • BONUS - 3 leader impact tools

About Megan
Megan Billnoske is certified in Training Management and DISC, and she loves being the space of possibilities so that others may succeed. As a Swiss-army knife of experience, Megan has developed employees in Angola, Australia, Brazil, Dubai, England, India, Norway, Singapore, Scotland, Canada and others. Her 11-year career includes a variety of different industries and genres: IT, Technical, HR, Safety, Sales, DISC and Leadership. Megan’s passion to change the world continues, as she is a global talent development manager, a University of Houston mentor for HR students and a member of Texas Tech University’s College of Business Speakers Bureau. In 2021, she also was selected as Chair for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Fall Conference. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband, family, friends and 2 crazy cats – all of whom make her laugh every day!

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Winter Series Chapter Meeting
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Megan Billnoske
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February Chapter Meeting