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May IIBA Chapter Meeting - The Basics of Personality Styles

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 -
6:30pm to 8:00pm
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Do you find that your energy level ebbs and flows depending on whether you are with a large group or simply taking a walk with a close friend?  Have you ever worked with someone who was so abrasive that you searched Glassdoor for a new job?  Have you ever wished that you could have fewer disagreements with your spouse or significant other?  Is it hard to get things done with your current team at work?  What if you could improve your self-understanding as well as the ability to understand those you interact with and have better communication and increased team productivity?

We all have preferences in how we relate to the world and how we process information.  Some of us are direct and to the point - "just the facts, ma'am".  Some of us love to influence others through surveys and discussions.  Others prefer collaboration and calm seas in our relationships.  Still others love to analyze and understand all the details before moving on to the next task.  Which types of people would you rather work with?  Learn more about yourself and others when John Voymas provides some insight into how we are each wired and how we engage in our day-to-day living.  Come away with the basics of personality styles, also known as temperaments.

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About the Speaker: John has been an IT professional for almost forty years and has worked in the auto industry as well as major manufacturers, state government, and for a software development company. He has been supporting the Supply Chain area of FCA/Mopar as a contractor for the past thirteen years. Always wanting to learn more, John has been trained and certified in human behavior regarding personality assessments. His certification was through Personality Insights in Georgia. Dr. Robert Rohm, founder of Personality Insights, was a consultant to the Arizona Diamondbacks in helping them to choose their original team utilizing personality assessments. The team went on to win the World Series after only five years as an expansion team.
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Southfield, Michigan 1 Towne Square Suite 700 Southfield, Michigan 48076 United States
John Voymas
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TEK Systems
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Chapter Meeting