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Fall Speaker Series 

           November Meeting  with Dr. Michael White

Topic:  Agile Documentation Best Practices


Starting in September Chapter Meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 6:00pm (EDT)

Sep 16th – Steve Blais, PMI-PBA, PMP

                 – The Business Analyst and Security Today

Date:       Sep 16th, 2021
Speaker: Steve Blais, PMI-PBA, PMP
Topic:      The Business Analyst and Security Today
Venue:    Zoom Online


Fall Speaker Series 

           October Meeting with Pamela Paterson
Topic:  Creating Requirements During Times of Constant Change


Date:       October  21, 2021
Speaker: Pamela Paterson, BJ, MS, CBAP, LEAN Six Sigma
Topic:      Creating Requirements During Times of Constant Change
Venue:    Zoom Online

What is the Future of Work?

As more companies invest in new technologies, workers are growing increasingly concerned about losing their jobs. The implementation of new technologies has caused a massive job disruption across the globe. Companies are changing the way they operate and several workers are now wondering how to stay relevant and how to prepare for the future of work. If you’re afraid of losing your job, and you’re looking for a guide to move forward, you must read this article. It will help you to attract employers’ attention and add valuable tools to your skillset. 

Identify What Keeps You Motivated

Before starting your new learning process, identifying what keeps you motivated is essential. Otherwise, you might quit in the middle of the process. If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, don’t think twice about taking a break to clear your mind. It will help you to think straight and make the right decision. Also, identifying what motivates you will allow you to get a job that meets your needs. Remember that most people spend over 40 hours per week at work, so enjoying what you do is crucial to be happy.

Do Some Research

Now that you know what moves you, doing some research is a great option. Try to conduct informational interviews and get all the information you need to start your learning process. Researching will help you to recognize what skills you need to update or learn to be ready for coming challenges. 

If you are thinking about making a career change, you can visit LinkedIn to see what employers’ are looking for in their new hirings. However, if you don’t know what to do, networking is among the best options to gather information. Talk to your friend and former coworkers. It will help you move in the right direction.

Update Your Skills

At this point, you should know what skills are indispensable to add to your skillset. For example, if you work in the healthcare sector, learning Python will be a great alternative. Learning Python coding skills will help you to deal with data and provide the best results possible. Also, if you’re thinking about becoming a data scientist or a data analyst, learning Python is vital to achieving your goal.

If you have a job in the online retail sector but you seek to improve your lifestyle, consider learning JavaScript programming skills. In 2020, a JS full stack developer can earn about $117,000 per year in the US. Additionally, companies like Google, Netflix, and Facebook are providing professionals with benefits like paid vacation leave, paid parental leave, and tuition reimbursement benefits. In that case, if you get a top-notch job, staying relevant won’t be a barrier. 


To become a web developer, you need to think outside the box and let your ideas flow. It’s a great alternative for those who seek to innovate the market and be part of the future workforce. If you want to know more about becoming a web developer, you only have to visit Computer Science Hero. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to make your decision.

Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

Enrolling in a coding bootcamps is a great choice to get ready for future challenges. These schools have become very popular and are offering great courses that enable students to learn the best skills in the market. For example, if you seek to become a skilled coder and understand how computer systems work, you can take a course at Coding Dojo.

On the other hand, if you want to learn from the best and build a portfolio while learning, you should enroll in Thinkful’s online bootcamp. Thinkful enables students to learn from the comfort of their homes and offers career services to help students stand out from the competition.  Additionally, the company provides students with financing options to help them deal with tuition costs and stay focused on learning.

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp will help you to increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Since education companies like General Assembly have built strong relationships with world-class organizations, getting the job you have always wanted is possible. 

Get Familiar With New Technologies

Last but not least, you should get familiar with new technologies. The tech industry has transformed every sector worldwide and new technologies are changing how we live. In that case, if you want to be a step ahead, you must learn how new technologies are affecting the workplace. 

Machine learning, for example, is what allows computer systems to learn from experience and companies like Tesla are using it to take driving experiences to a new level. Augmented reality, on the other hand, has been used by retail companies like Gucci and Home Depot to provide customers with 3D models of merchandise. As a result, customers are now happier and product returns have been reduced.  


The digital transition is making companies create new strategies to meet customers’ needs. Emerging technologies are now indispensable in the workplace and if you want to keep your job, you can’t afford not to learn new tech skills. Go out of your comfort zone. This will help you to take the leap you need to embrace changes and implement better techniques. Also, don’t forget that data is among the most valuable resources, and learning how to deal with it will be key to remain competitive.

      Role Versatility in Today’s Environment:
       A Requirement for Those with the Business Analyst Title

   Wednesday, July 21,  2021

Welcome to the IIBA® Southeast Michigan Chapter

With over 28,000 Members, over 230 Corporate Members, and over 110 Chapters, International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) is the recognized, non-profit association for business analysis professionals around the world.
As the voice of the business analysis community, IIBA supports the recognition of the profession, and works to maintain standards for the practice and certification.  IIBA - SE MI welcomes members from around the metroDetroit area to share our talents and experience, assist with achieving IIBA certification, and increase our community's knowledge, networks and connections. 

The chapter holds regular monthly meetings at various locations on the third Wednesday of each month, with speakers, networking, and educational opportunities for members and non-members.  Network with Business Analyst professionals from a wide variety of organizations and industries.​

  • Learn about Business Analyst best practices and other related topics of interest
  • Attend programs and workshops hosted by the chapter
  • Influence the direction of the chapter and the profession                          
  • Contribute to the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (BABOK)
"The return on investment for organizations that recognize and harness the skills of Business Analyst is significant."  CIO.com

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