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Post-Pandemic Pivots: A Holistic Approach to Employee Retention

Thursday, December 16, 2021 -
6:30pm to 7:45pm

Post-Pandemic Pivots: A Holistic Approach to Employee Retention

Post-pandemic organizations are struggling to retain employees and fear the long-term impacts of the “Great Resignation.”  The workforce is more generationally diverse than it has ever been, and Millennials and Generation Z are quickly rising through the ranks. As we embark on the future of work being today and a new way of working emerges, organizations are discovering the need to foster a more holistic approach to managing and retaining employees. Employees now have a broader definition of wellness, more engagement with organizational social responsibility, have less separation between personal and professional lives, and are clear about what types of benefits appeal to them. In this session, we will discuss the 5 areas that Leaders and Human Resource professionals should focus on in order to retain talented and loyal team members.
Dr. Melissa L. Strawser 

Dr. Strawser’s mission is to help individuals and organizations evaluate performance, identify interventions for low performing areas, and develop realistic, holistic, high impact solutions.  She is the CEO of Counterbalance Visionaries, LLC and the host of the live, international radio show, Counterbalance Conversations on the Voice America Variety channel. She holds an EdD in Performance Improvement Leadership, and a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science with a Specialization in Aviation/Aerospace Education Technology. She is certified as an MBTI® Administrator and Interpreter, a Certified Professional Coach, and a 200hr Yoga Teacher.
Along with her extensive education, Dr. Strawser has an impressive resume of real-world experience. In 2021, she left her corporate career in Organizational Development and Training to work full-time as a coach, a consultant, a resilience champion, and a mindfulness magician. Over the last 10 years, she successfully coached her 1:1 clients in career, family, financial, and spiritual matters leading to significant growth and success. She is often the go-to consultant for her business associates in the areas of coaching, communications, professional development, and performance improvement. Her professional client list includes start-up companies, international oil and gas companies, non-profits, state colleges, and the United States military.
During her off time, she enjoys photography, time on the beaches of the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida, and cooking for her friends and family.

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Dr. Melissa L. Strawser
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