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Understanding System Thinking

Thursday, January 20, 2022 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Understanding Systems Thinking

Gene Bellinger will stimulate BAs curiosity in Systems Thinking with his focus on what influences Systems Thinking and what does it influence. He will review additional tools and resources for BAs to consider in his effort to develop interdisciplinary networking between BAs and Systems Thinkers. Beyond just the definition and practical use of Systems Thinking, Gene will discuss his professional experiences and “A-ha” moments of how Systems Thinking and Business Analysis can work together in an Agile world.

 About Gene

Gene Bellinger has been a passionate Systems Thinker for over four decades.  He is a highly respected member of the systems thinking community,  authored hundreds of models and articles,  created over 1,500 videos about relationships and their implications,  and from time to time a member of the System Dynamics Society.  Gene spent several years working with the developers of both Insight Maker and Kumu.  In 2013,  he co-authored “Beyond Connecting the Dots: Modeling for Meaningful Results”  with Scott Fortmann-Roe,  the developer of Insight Maker.  Gene shepherded the Systems Thinking World discussion group on LinkedIn to 20,000+ members focused on developing a better understanding of and employing systems thinking principles.  Gene is also the developer of the Systems Thinking website.  Presently, Gene’s effort is being expressed in “SystemsWiki’s Musings”,  understanding relationships and their implications.

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Winter Series Chapter Meeting
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Gene Bellinger, Storyteller & Recovering Systems Thinker
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Zoom Platform
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Joint Chapter Event